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Rissman Building & Consulting Corporation
- a hands on approach for your construction projects

Welcome to Rissman Building and Consulting. If you are considering building a new home in South Florida, and are looking for a small custom home builder, without a big price, then you’ve found your company. The three goals of this web site are to communicate:
  1. The experience and expertise of Rissman Building and Consulting
  2. How to protect yourself and your money during the construction process, and
  3. How our Construction Management/Owner-Builder program saves you money without compromising quality
Rainey Rissman recently formed Rissman Building and Consulting (RBC), his latest building enterprise in a 40 year South Florida construction career. RBC will be your “personal builder,” an adaptation of the Design-Build delivery system, a return to the historical Master Builder model of total project accountability. Rainey is the key “hands-on” organizational figure, from design inception to construction completion, for a limited number of Owners per year. Please see Professional Experience


RBC specializes in:

  • Custom homes 2,000 to 10,000 square feet
  • Major home additions or remodeling

Homeowner benefits:

  • You work directly with Rainey Rissman
  • Build at wholesale cost
  • Low, fixed management fee
  • As, the Owner you will understand all expenses and benefit from any savings realized throughout the process

  • We build your custom home design, not an off-the-shelf builder model
  • You control Your Money! See A Time for Caution


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